Welcome to ECE 66300, Spring 2021!

Latest News

  • Paperr selection available on BrightSpace, due Fri, Feb 12th
  • PSet 1 available on Gradescope, due Tue, Feb 9th
  • BrightSpace and Piazza are now live!! - Sat, Jan 9th
  • (Tentative) course syllabus available now. - Mon, Dec 21st
  • Course website is now live!! - Fri, Dec 18th

Course Description

This course will focus on algorithmic techniques for program verification and synthesis and introduce successful tools to graduate students for their PL or non-PL research.

A tentative list of topics: first-order logic, decision procedures, satisfiability modulo theories, Floyd-Hoare logic, abstract interpretation, programming by example, oracle-guided synthesis, quantitative synthesis, finite model theory, temporal logics, reactive synthesis.

Course Details

All students in both on-campus and online sections will have access to these online course materials:

  • Assignments and Lecture notes would be posted on this site
  • Lecture videos and Grades would be posted on BrightSpace
  • Discussion board would be on Piazza


Xiaokang Qiu

  • Office: EE 329
  • Email Address: xkqiu (at) purdue (dot) edu
  • Office Hours: Wednesdays 11:30-12:30, via Zoom (link posted in the syllabus).